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人有三急,身處鬧巿卻找不到廁所(洗手間)?Toilet Rush (衝廁) 是全港唯一的手機流動廁所指南。只要開啟本軟件,所在地附近的廁所資料立即一目了然!

- 全港各區廁所資料
- 廁所統計資料及評價
- 地圖顯示廁所與你身處的位置
- 互動平台,你可以即時向其他用家提供隱世廁所位置,亦可以隨時評價每個廁所
-- Show the nearby public toilet (also known as washroom or WC) information in Hong Kong.

Features include:
- Public toilet listing
- Comments & ratings of toilets
- Toilet location map (with your own location)

What do we think?

Toilet Rush is the very first iPhone app we've created. With the unique idea of toilet seeking and using smartphone's unique feature, it became a great success in 2009. Until now people are still talking about toilet-seeking app as a must-have app if you are a Hong Kong citizen. The app is revamped in 2013 in order to support new mobile devices.