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歡迎您創作自己獨一無二的My Jagabee Cup,更可參加設計比賽,贏取豐富獎品!

由2011年12月1日至2012年1月31日,下載Jagabee - Cup新衣~♡ iPhone App, 只須利用App內四大功能(包括背景選擇、添加圖案、添加照片及添加文字),即可創作並遞交您的Jagabee杯身設計作品。



二獎(3名):Bose® QuietComfort® 15 消噪耳機
三獎(5名):UA Cinemas 電影禮券HK$200
您的設計更可以打印出來,貼在Jagabee 40g杯身上,然後送給你的至愛!

What do we think?

The app idea comes from our innovation when Calbee wants to have an app for its product Jagabee. The idea is to allow user designing the cup-face of Jagabee and make the output to their own printer. The Jagabee cup can then use as a mini-gift to friends. Calbee has taken the idea and held a cup design competition. The 2-month competition received more than a thousand designs and many more votes, which is a great success.