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電熱線的漫長等待以及迷失於熱線選項的時代要結束了!透過 Hotline Direct,一鍵即可連接各大主要熱線並接通至真人客戶服務主任。你更可以向其他用戶提供更多熱線資料及熱線號碼更新。

This is the end of IVR (interactive voice response) hotlines! With Hotline Direct, you can call your favourite hotline with just ONE CLICK. We help you to skip all intermediate procedures in the hotline system to let you talk to the customer service representative directly. You can also contribute to others by submitting a new hotline dial sequence.

What do we think?

Hotline Direct is one of the house-project of Nuthon. The concept is to make use of mobile phone's functionality to bypass interactive voice response (IVR) hotlines and reach real person customer service representatives. The information of how to call a hotline is completely come from user-generated content.




Samsung Bada

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